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A tree like an infant baby - always needs care and caress. It is necessary to endure all its petting and to give all what it wants. We care about even thousands of babies like this. We bring up. WE PLANT.
Nature is generous, open-handed. We get our requitals superfluously. The trees we planted yield its fruits. For not to waste our labor, WE PICK all fruits one-by-one.
Our fruits are tasty and rich in vitamins. The tastiest is the fruit juice, of course. To deliver this taste as is to you is our work, too. Therefore, WE PRODUCE the juices ourselves also.

The tastes are different, delights and colors are different so. In addition, our assortments are different as well. We bring health, wealth and good mood to your meal with our beverage assortments for all tastes, delights and colors. We plant… We pick… We produce…